The Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro 1200C was specifically designed for particle measurements at extreme temperatures. It is a combination of the eDiluter™ Pro with the High Temperature Sampling Probe: a heated dilution probe that is connected in front of the eDiluter™ Pro. The active cooling system integrated in the probe enables measurements and direct sampling of aerosols from a combustion zone or a flame – at temperatures of up to 1200 °C. The probe includes a dilution stage where the sample is rapidly cooled to around 400 °C and a heated section to maintain stable sampling conditions.


  • Sampling from up to 1200 °C
  • Three dilution stages: one in the sampling probe and two in the eDiluter™ Pro
  • Pre-separator heated Dekati® Cyclone for removal of large particles included
  • Adjustable dilution factor and dilution temperature
  • Stable dilution factor even in variable sample pressure conditions
  • Sophisticated dilution stage design, optimized for minimal particle losses
  • Dilution factor not affected by the flow drawn to measurement instruments
  • Two additional, integrated temperature controllers for the High Temperature Sampling Probe and the Dekati® Cyclone heater
  • High diluted output sample flow, up to 80 l/min
  • Each unit individually calibrated and provided with a calibration certificate


  • The eDiluter™ Pro 1200C was developed by the VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) specifically for corrosion studies in mix-fuel firing energy production plants. In these studies, the eDiluter™ Pro 1200C is used in combination with the ELPI®+ to measure the particle size distribution directly from the combustion zone. The purpose of this is to optimize the combustion process to such an extent that there is a minimal production of corrosive components.
  • Particle measurement applications where the sample is exposed to extremely high temperatures

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