The Dekati® Diluter DI-1000 is a simple and easy-to-operate device for diluting aerosol and gaseous samples from any source. The simplicity, ability to withstand high temperatures and the robustness of the all stainless-steel design have made it a widely renowned choice for dilution of combustion aerosols.

The nominal dilution factor for a single Dekati® Diluter is 1:8 but the instrument can also be provided with different dilution factors. Every Dekati® Diluter is individually calibrated with traceably calibrated flow and pressure sensors and provided with an individual calibration certificate and data sheet.


  • Dilution factor always nominal when diluter exhaust is led back to the sampling point
  • Dilution factors up to 10,000 possible by connecting diluters in series
  • Dekati® Double Diluter (DI-2000) setup available for controlled dilution of any combustion aerosol
  • Widely used in automotive industry
  • Can be combined with any aerosol measurement instrument from any manufacturer
  • Robust and easy to use – no moving parts and all stainless steel construction


  • Excellent tool for any simple dilution need
  • Aerosol dilution in almost any environment from laboratory studies to a power plant environmen
  • Engine emission measurements

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