The Dekati® Cyclone is an all stainless steel cyclone for removal of large particles from a sample stream.  Manufactured according to EPA standard 201A, with standard isokinetic nozzles available as accessories, the Dekati® Cyclone is a highly durable addition to any sampling line where removal of large particles is needed.

The cyclone can either be placed directly into the flue gas inside the stack or used in an out-stack configuration with a heating jacket around it.


  • Pre-separator cyclone with 10 µm cut point at 10 lpm
  • Manufactured according to EPA 201A
  • Isokinetic nozzles available in 11 different sizes
  • All stainless steel construction allows use up to 600 °C
  • Accessories available for both in-stack and out-stack sampling


  • Any application, where particles larger than 10 µm need to be removed from the sample
  • I.e. stationary source emission measurements

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