The Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter (DEED) is a fully EURO5b/6 conform engine exhaust conditioning system. In contrast to multi-stage dilution systems in general, DEED is a simple, easy-to-use system that conditions the sample precisely and in a repeatable manner every time.

The DEED fulfils all requirements and recommendations set in EURO5b/6 standard for a VPR (Volatile Particle Remover) system and all units are calibrated for PCRF (Particle Concentration Reduction Factor) and evaporation efficiency as determined in the EURO5b/6 standard.


  • Fulfills all EURO5b/6 recommendations for VPR (Volatile Particle Remover)
  • Extremely low solid particle losses
  • Dilution factor (PCRF) calibrated with solid particles
  • Evaporation efficiency calibrated with tetracontane particles
  • Always constant dilution factor high reproducibility
  • Accessories available also for tailpipe sampling both before and after DPF


  • Conditioning engine exhaust using a VPR (Volatile Particle Remover)
  • Emission measurements

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