September 2021 – Universal dilution systems: The eDiluter™ product range
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September 2021 – Universal dilution systems: The eDiluter™ product range

Whether adjustable dilution ratio or high temperature resistance – the right dilution system for every measuring task!

Especially in combustion processes, the concentrations of the collected samples or even the temperatures at the sampling source itself are often much too high to obtain utilizable results with precise measurement technology or even to avoid damaging these instruments. Special sample conditioning is necessary for this.

This is a major problem wherever fuels are burned. For example, in engines and exhaust gases (motor vehicles, ships, aircraft), combustion power plants (biomass burning, coal, oil) or chimney stoves and also in the optimization of combustion processes and emission cleaning systems.

The portable dilution systems of the eDiluter™ product line from Dekati® are particularly well suited for aerosol measurement technology after combustion processes.
The special feature is the universal applicability of these instruments: You can use your desired measuring instruments from a wide range of manufacturers and connect them with the dilution system. Thus, each eDiluter™ can also be integrated into your already established processes and makes further new purchases of measuring instruments and costly conversions to other systems obsolete.

Get a brief overview of the three available models here:

eDiluter™: The two-stage ejector principle, adjustable temperatures, two temperature controllers for external heating components and a fixed dilution ratio between 1:25 and 1:225 offer the user optimized use of the system. The dilution temperature and external heating elements can be controlled from the front panel. The output flow of the diluted sample from the system is more than 50 l/min and it can be used as a dilution and conditioning system for a wide variety of particle measuring instruments, since the diluted sample has stable conditions (ambient temperature and pressure).

eDiluter™ Pro: The eDiluter™ Pro can do everything its “little brother” eDiluter™ can do, only it offers a major advantage: The dilution ratio can be variably adjusted between 1:25 and 1:225! This allows a wide range of applications and also future-proofing for possible further projects that have not yet been considered.

eDiluter™ Pro 1200C: The eDiluter™ Pro 1200C i perfectly suited for particle measurement applications where the sample is exposed to extremely high temperatures. It is a combination of the eDiluter™ Pro with the High Temperature Sampling Probe: a heated dilution probe that is mounted in front of the eDiluter™ Pro. The active cooling system integrated into the probe enables measurements and direct sampling of aerosols from a combustion zone or flame – and at temperatures up to 1200 °C. The probe has a dilution stage where the sample is rapidly cooled to ~ 400 °C and a heated section to maintain stable sampling conditions.

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