The PILS (Particle Into Liquid Sampler) is one of the simplest methods available to acquire samples for aerosol chemistry applications. It can be easily integrated with the analytical method of your choice. Ion chromatography systems and total organic analyzers are routinely used with the PILS. These analytical methods allow on-line analyses of aerosol chemistry for major water soluble ions and organic species.


  • PM1 or PM2.5 bulk aerosol sampling
  • Fully characterized and field tested
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate and install with compact size
  • Continuous unattended long-term operation
  • Multiple analytical techniques possible


  • Continuous monitoring of ambient aerosol composition
  • Laboratory smog chamber studies
  • Cloud condensation nucleus studies
  • Visibility reduction studies
  • Aerosol health impacts
  • Long-term climate and air quality monitoring

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