Brechtel’s unique precision flow splitter design provides high-precision sample flow handling. The flow splitters can divide one flow into two or even up to four outlet flows.

Centerline tap designs are also offered so you can isokinetically sample from inside a tube to get a representative aerosol sample to your instruments. The flow splitter minimizes particle losses so you can deliver the best sample possible.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Precisely machined for razor-sharp “Y” joint
  • Useful for careful division of particle-laden sample flows
  • Minimizes inertial deposition losses of larger particles
  • Vacuum braze produces an ultra-clean product
  • None of the warpage or oxidation associated with welding


  • Instrument flow pick-offs
  • Dividing sample flows with minimal losses
  • Sampling inlets with well behaved air flow

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