The DLPI+ (Dekati® Low Pressure Impactor) is a 14-stage cascade impactor to measure airborne particle mass size distribution. The DLPI+ classifies particles into 14 size fractions in the range of 16 nm-10 µm. In each size fraction the particles are collected on 25 mm collection substrates that are weighed before and after the measurement to obtain gravimetric size distribution of the particles.

The DLPI+ impactor can be used in various particle measurement applications and can also be heated up to 180 °C for high temperature applications (HT-DLPI+).


  • Particle Size distribution in 14 size fractions
  • Wide operational range of 16 nm – 10 µm
  • Particle collection area Ø25 mm
  • 10 lpm sample flow rate
  • Integrated impactor low pressure (40 mbar) measurement and adjustment
  • Can be upgraded into a full ELPI+™ system for real-time data
  • Well characterized impactor with low inter-stage particle losses
  • Standard DLPI+ for up to 50 °C measurements (HT-DLPI+ up to 180 °C)


  • Cascade impactor to measure airborne particles in 14 size fractions between 16 nm and 10 µm
  • Enables sampling directly from high temperature sources
  • Air quality measurements
  • Emission measurements (i.e. brake emissions)

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