July 2022 – Summer, sun, beach and …ozone
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July 2022 – Summer, sun, beach and …ozone

July 2022 – Summer, sun, beach and …ozone!

The temperatures are rising! And with them the ozone pollution, which also quickly affects health. Therefore, the values must be measured and monitored regularly.

Summertime is ozone time, we always say. Why? Because the concentration of ground-level ozone increases in summer. Increased solar radiation causes it to form from various sources: Photochemical processes with emissions from fossil fuel combustion such as road traffic, solvents, landfills and vegetation cause ground-level or tropospheric ozone to form. Since it remains on the ground and does not reach higher layers of air, it can affect our lives and health. The consequences mainly affect the respiratory tract: asthma, reduced lung function and diseases. But plants also suffer, crop yields are reduced and forest growth is slowed down, even buildings and monuments are damaged.

Deshalb sind regelmäßige Messungen der Ozonwerte überaus wichtig. Nicht nur im Sommer auf den Straßen, auch in Bereichen, in denen mit Ozon gearbeitet wird oder in denen Ozon als Emission auftritt, sind Grenzwertkontrollen erforderlich, um Sicherheit zu gewährleisten.

Measuring instruments for ozone

We offer various measuring instruments for ozone. Especially the devices of our supplier 2B Technologies (USA) are suitable for various measuring applications.

Especially the ozone monitor series 106, consisting of the ozone monitors 106-L, 106-M, 106-MH and 106-H is widely used. The measuring ranges are distinguished by the letters L, M, MH and H. Low (0-100 ppm), Medium (0-1000 ppm), Medium-High (0-10000 ppm) and High (0-20 wt%). The devices of this series all work by means of the UV absorption method, the extreme width of the measuring range is made possible by different optical path lengths. A one-button operation makes all instruments of the series very user-friendly. Different housings make the device series flexible in the fields of application, as well as a low power consumption and the possibility of battery operation.

Model 205, also from 2B Technologies, convinces with two measuring cells that measure ozone-containing and ozone-free air in parallel. The compact “dual-beam” measuring device convinces with its compactness and speed: with a response time of only 2 seconds, it is one of the fastest devices on the market. The 205 is suitable, for example, for vertical profiling with flying objects such as balloons, kites or drones, where low weight and size are relevant factors.

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