July 2021 – The Aethalometer®: A success story in black carbon measurement
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July 2021 – The Aethalometer®: A success story in black carbon measurement

The instrument for real-time measurement of black carbon with 40 years of expertise.

The number of scientific publications using Magee Scientific instruments is growing an average of 10 % annually. In the past 30 years, over 8,000 publications have been released (see Google Scholar).

August 20, 1980 marks the date of the first publication in which the Aethalometer® is described. Since then, it has been continuously developed and optimized. Finally, the model was created that is used globally today for the optical measurement of black carbon: the Aethalometer® Model AE33.

A key part of the recipe for success are functions such as the patented DualSpot™ technology, which offers two special advantages: On the one hand, the compensation of aerosol loading effects at the sampling point and, on the other hand, additional important information on the nature of the aerosol.
The analysis is made at 7 optical wavelengths, with a broad spectrum ranging from infrared (IR, 950 nm) to ultraviolet (UV, 370 nm), at 1 Hz measurement data frequency.

To this day, several thousand Aethalometers® have been installed worldwide, in more than 70 countries on all seven continents, under the most varied of weather conditions. It is the result of over 40 years of experience and development and stands for robust and reliable operation that is second to none.

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