The Dekati® eDiluter™ and Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro are compact, two-stage dilution systems that allow easy sample conditioning for a wide range of particle measurement applications. The Dekati® eDiluter™ comes with a fixed dilution factor whereas the Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro enables easy adjustment of the dilution factor between 1:25 and 1:225. Dilution temperature can be adjusted with both models using the front panel user interface.


  • Portable two-stage dilution system for particle measurement applications
  • Fixed, stable dilution factor
  • Dilution factor not affected by the flow drawn to measurement instruments
  • Adjustable dilution temperature
  • Sophisticated, no moving parts dilution stage design, optimized for minimal particle losses
  • Two additional, integrated temperature controllers for regulating the temperature of external heaters such as heated sampling lines and heated sampling probes
  • Complete measurement setups available for engine exhaust measurements and stationary source sampling
  • Can be upgraded to Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro with adjustable dilution factor between 1:25 and 1:225 and other advanced features
  • Each unit individually calibrated and provided with a calibration certificate


  • Dilution of aerosols and gases
  • Use in the measurement of combustion processes, for example engine exhaust or power plant emissions
  • Measurement at stationary emission sources
  • Research on combustion processes
  • Measurements before and after after-treatment plants
  • Aircraft turbine and ship emission measurements

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