May 2020 – Particle measurement in real-time with the Dekati® ELPI®+
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May 2020 – Particle measurement in real-time with the Dekati® ELPI®+

One for all: particle filtration, aerosol research, tyre and road wear and much more!

The electrical low pressure impactors of the ELPI®+ series by Dekati® collect particles and enable the measurement of their size distribution and concentration on 14 impactor stages in real-time. Thanks to the “modular system”, the ELPI®+ can be upgraded to fit your individual need. Three main variants are possible:

ELPI®+: Particle size range from 6 nm – 10 µm; size distribution in 14 size fractions
High Resolution ELPI®+: Up to 500 size bins through software updates
High Temperature ELPI®+: With additional heating module, direct measurement of aerosols up to 180°C

Thanks to this versatility, the ELPI®+ convinces with a wide range of possible applications. Just to name a few recently relevant examples:

Tyre wear particle measurements: Monitoring tire wear, road wear and particle emissions
Particle filtration research: Measuring filter efficiency of mask filters, air purification devices, building ventilation and much more
Aerosol spray and dispersion studies: Research on aerosol evolution while spraying, dispersion and deposition onto surfaces, e. g. from coughing / sneezing, medical inhalers, electrosprays, paint cans and much more

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