The DLPI (Dekati® Low Pressure Impactor) is a 13-stage cascade low pressure impactor to determine particle gravimetric mass size distribution.

The size classification in DLPI is made from 30 nm up to 10 µm with evenly distributed impactor stages and can be extended down to 30 nm with an additional back-up filter. In each size fraction the particles are collected on 25 mm collection substrates that are weighed before and after the measurement to obtain gravimetric size distribution of the particles.


  • Wide particle size range: 30 nm – 10 μm (0 nm – 10 μm with filter stage)
  • 13 particle size fractions
  • 30 lpm sample flow rate
  • Robust, stainless steel construction (can be heated up to 200 °C with additional equipment)
  • Excellent calibration data
  • Low inter-stage wall losses


  • Air quality measurements
  • Engine exhaust measurements
  • Emission measurements
  • And many more. Contact us for more details!

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